RX1 Mirrorless: At what price point would you buy?

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Re: RX1 Mirrorless: At what price point would you buy?

JackM wrote:

eost wrote:


  • Image quality on par with 5DMKIII/D800

I think this is quite probable, aside from the obvious resolution difference to the D800 (which for me is meaningless).


  • shutter dial instead of PASM

The horizontal rear dial is the shutter dial.

It is modal. You can't see values directly, nor 'feel them', nor set them, without watching the display or EVF. I'm interested in what i'm going to snap, not into fiddling with cameras.

  • shutter dial and aperture ring with an A-Position

Use the PASM.

See above. Leica and Fuji get it. It's about simplicity.

  • full Auto ISO (even in manual WITH EC)

probably has it.

I hope so.

  • build in EVF


Well, not for me. Ok, if it's sunny, l can take a Voigtlander OVF (much cheaper than the Zeiss).

  • NO toy flash

useful for impromptu fill.

...and results, that look like that.

  • NO toy modes

this is software that does not add to the price.

Oh yeah. What about some games on the cam?

  • weather sealing (on par with OM-D)

not sure if it has this.

No, it has not.

  • fast AND reliable AF

It will probably be as fast and reliable as the best CDAFs out there.

There is a reason, why i keep my 1DX and 5DMKIII. AF is one of them. BTW, the NEX-6 features Hybrid-AF to narrow the gap. The RX1 not.

  • tiltable display

Get a NEX then.

Thanks, i have two of them already.

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