Issue with using Phottix Odin with Lastolite Ezybox

Started Feb 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Something doesn't look right...

danbusler wrote:

I also find that when facing forward that the mounting bracket of the Lasolite Easybox blocks the EX580's infrared - so I do not know how it can do ETTL - are you aware of a work around?


I don't think the system uses the infrared sensors. The whole idea is that the wireless transmitters talk to the wireless receivers without using infrared communication. In fact, the remote flashes "think" they are located on the camera body itself and communicating directly with the body. This is why you put the flashes in TTL mode and not "slave" mode.

Are you having exposure issues that you think the infrared sensor is being used?

PS - I have an Odin system for Nikon, but haven't tried to purposely block my sensors. So my assumptions could be wrong.

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