A99 VS D800 VS 5DMk3 @ISO 6400

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Re: A99 VS D800 VS 5DMk3 @ISO 6400

mick232 wrote:

Check out these samples: http://www.chip.de/bildergalerie/Fotostrecke-Sony-Alpha-99-Galerie_57497210.html?show=11

Press the enlargement button with the arrow to get the full-size image. Check the corners. That's a lot of noise for an image taken at ISO 160.

Or here: http://www.chip.de/bildergalerie/Fotostrecke-Sony-Alpha-99-Galerie_57497210.html?show=11

Noisy even at ISO100 (below the truck).

I'm thinking this is more of a JPG engine issue than the camera itself given that most RAW files contain chroma noise in shadows. ie. D800 ISO100 studio Imaging Resource NEF exhibits chroma in the neutral grey shadow areas throughout the scene. Though the OOC JPG and most RAW developers will clean this up quite easily.

Another cause for noise can be found in improperly exposed scenes. Though I'm thinking the A99 is more prone to chroma noise based on eV compensation as well.

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