Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

What is, besides a slight size advantage, the real differentiation between the RX1 and the NEX series? I know the DOP control advantages are there, and in theory the full frame sensor should outperform the smaller sensor in noise (remains to be seen how that translates in real world shooting).

It isn't that I don't think the RX1 is a nifty camera, by all accounts it will be. I just don't see why someone would spend the money on it when the same investment can equip you with an entire camera system.

And there is always that underlying question in my head: what -would- Konica Minolta be producing today if it were still in the camera business?

KM Legacy wrote:

pixtorial wrote:

Resolution is going to be comparable, I don't think the battle between these two cameras is there. The Sony will be capable for producing some great images, but, at three times the price of a DP2M or DP1M, I doesn't add up to me.

For $3000 I can have a DP1M, a DP2M, and an entry level DSLR with anywhere from 16 to 24mp of resolution depending on which system I go with. Or a DP1M, DP2M, and an m4/3 kit with a prime and a zoom.

I agree, except that my choice would be DP1M, DP2M, and a Sony NEX usable with almost any SLR or RF lens.

The RX-1 is going to have a huge advantage over any Sigma in low light, so if I were into that area of photography, and could afford one, I would buy it. For what I do--hiking and landscapes--the new DPs are wonderful.

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