CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: RAW mode problems: UPDATE

jaime wrote:

Ok... I'm still having problems with the raw mode, if I use it a
lot, problems start: folders with garbage names.
It's not a defective card, because I tried in several cards and I
get the same error; a problem with my 4500? I don't think so...
Somebody post a message that says he's getting the same problems as
me. To everybody that is using raw mode in the 4500, please enable
raw mode, and take lot's of shots, probably that error comes when
the camera warms up.

Due to possible developments at Nikon (and extensive tails winds caused by the comet), use of the RAW mode should be delayed until further notice (when we pass the planet again).

Do not enable diagnostic RAW mode at this time.


Do not enable diagnostic RAW mode (and whatever you do do not eat the pudding).

Uhm, I'm not sure what struck me, the above is a joke (maybe you got it--STARDATE 10357.22; March 28, 1997).

Sorry, disregard everything above (except for what jaime wrote).


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