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Re: Kirk Tuck SLT fanboy!

I'm sure my "demands" to Sony sent the Sony executives scurrying to the board room to enact new company policies.....

And I deeply resent all the pretentious blow hards on the forums who are convinced that anyone who can master and use a camera, and then write about it, are on the payola of the companies that make the cameras. No one at Sony asks me anything or gives me as much as a pencil.

Finally, I think you might want to get used to EVFs. They work. They're way cheaper to produce than silvered pentaprisms and you're pretty much of a moron if you think they're going to go away just because you have an irrational aversion to them.

Again, to re-cap: not too scary to the Sony board of directors, not on the "take" and.....willing to understand and use new technology. Just wanted to make sure you got that.

Finally, "mindless drivel"? Maybe reading comprehension is the problem.

Austin based advertising and portrait photographer, and author of the book series, Minimalist Lighting, and the books: Commercial Photographers Handbook, Photographic Lighting Equipment, and, LED Lighting for Digital Photographers.

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