Body for small birds/wildlife.

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Re: Body for small birds/wildlife.

I have both the D4 and the D800 and primarily shoot birds and wildlife. D4 is better for shooting action (10 fps is nice, 4 is a little slow, something in between would be fine too) and for low light situations (early mornings and late evenings) thanks to the better ISO capabilities. That being said you can still get great images with a D800- same AF system and adding the 2x teleconverter to the 600mm, 500mm, 300mm, and 200-400 lens works well. D4 just has the advantage because you can take more shots (2.5x) to capture the key moment when the bear snags a salmon jumping in the river or a mature bird feeds their young in the nest. In the field I am thinking about getting close and composition rather than relying on resolution to later crop the image into what I want. If you are shooting long glass - atmospherics are going to factor into the equation and higher resolution cropping is not going to help correct heat mirages and other environmental factors that influence the image.

It all come down to what you will mostly do with it - more static subjects or BIF and wildlife in action? D4 is overkill for cows in a field, but it is what I grab when I am shooting birds or animals in action. D800 is great for portraits of birds sitting on the nest.

Don't worry about XQD. Cards function fine and I like them better than CF. Record and download fast. There are plenty of debates as to whether/when both formats die off. Odds are that neither may be around in 5 years. Its the least critical element in the equation - both CF and XQD work fine so focus on the subject and the composition and not the equipment.

Likewise, I would love a high end DX with 8fps, 24mp and the D4/D800 AF and ISO capabilities. Having a 3rd body, would save me from changing lenses in the field. At the end of the day its better to just buy the D4 and start shooting rather than sitting on the fence and waiting.

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