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Re: What would you prefer

When a review comes out, people have a tendency to look at it with their point of view. Whatever that view maybe. But, what I don't like is someone coming to DPR's rescue and putting someone down in a condescending manner asking them if they are stupid enough to not "get" the award system DPR has.

It is DPR's place to come to their own defense and help understand a viewer about their review and awarding system.

chlamchowder wrote:

Way to suck up, I mean come to DPR's aid. They must need a spokesperson so badly to defend themselves.

Of course, it'd be great if reviewers put their reviews out really quickly. It'd also be great if reviewers would spend a significant amount of time to become acquainted with the product and getting a feel for how it handles in a wide variety of situations.

However, these two ideals are in direct conflict: If a review is put out quickly, the reviewer didn't spend much time with the camera, or is basing the review mostly off a pre-production example. Spending more time with the camera isn't desirable because people want to know how new products perform so that purchasing decisions can be made. So what should DPR choose?

I think there's a third option, which is to put down a fairly detailed review quickly (from a pre-production example). Then, keep using the production model, and add or change the initial review periodically. That way, people anxious to read a review would be happy, and people interested in seeing how a camera handles in the long term would also be satisfied (the waiting part is inevitable, though - it takes time to get experience).

Also, whenever I see quick positive reviews of new cameras, I wonder whether the reviewers suffer from the 'new toy' syndrome. Whenever I handle a new camera (that doesn't have obvious flaws), I always think it's awesome for the first few months. I might even praise it in front of other people. After using it for a while, though, I become less forgiving as the 'new toy' effect wears off. I wonder if the same happens with reviewers.

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