Come on Nikon - give us a true D700 replacement

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Re: Ever is a long time ... Re: Not going to happen, ever.

Canadianguy wrote:

If you are saying there is huge demand for a camera with 90% of the flagship model's ability for a 40-50% discount - sure there will be huge demand for that.

100% ability, 60% (or about) of speed...

But taking your flagship camera's sensor, putting it into a semi-pro body and selling it for 50-60% of your flagship camera's price is not really a market segment and not one that any manufacturer wants to be in. Companies want differentiation in their products - there was very little differentiation between the D700 and D3 - which was good for the consumer but bad from a marketing point of view.

Sure there will be.... but this can be treated two ways... 1. Either how it was treated with D3, i.e.. a D4S in the near future, or.. 2. Add D800's sensor in D4 body and create (again with no development or production cost - very different than D3x which had that disadvantage) ...a D4X. This should offer a solution to pros that need large files a much faster than using a D800 alternative which should make up for the D4 production losses.

Funny enough, this is the position that Canon finds itself in. Look at the 5d Mkiii, it has a sensor very closely related to its flagship model, it finally has a semi-pro body with a pro AF module, it sells for about 50-60% discount to the 1Dx.

In Canon they thought (correctly) that the appeal of the 5Dmkii was because of its video capabilities, they thus developed a sensor for mkiii that would improve that part as a priority, the think is that they ...forgot to include a video APS-c mode which for many pros is a decisive matter ...towards the D800. Surely the two Canon sensors are not competitive due to ...megapixels, pros now better than that the 1DX sensor is much better than the 5dmkiii's one. Neither D800 sells better than 5dmkiii because of higher megapixel count (it does so to only some -very few- fanboys), it sells better because it's a better camera (as D4 is and thus a D800 body, D700 replacement) and because bares the APS-c video!

I think if people are looking for a D700 successor - they need to switch brands and get the 5D Mkiii.

You thing wrong.

It has 80%-90% of the capabilities of the 1Dx - I really don't know what the guys over at the Canon forum are complaining about, I don't really see a need for the 1Dx unless you need the fast frame rates.

You thing wrong again.

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