GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

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Re: GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

TimK5 wrote:

The new GH3 is bulkier and heavier.

What is Panasonic trying to achieve? Trying to turn a m43 cam into a fat ass DSLR?

The only to buy m43s is the small size and weight. It could be a fatal move to sacrifice the only USP!

Why would anybody buy a DSLR sized cam with inferior performance (in particular sensor performance). Beats me...

Until I see a lot more photos of it in use, or see its dimensional specs, I wouldn't assume that it's as big as a "fat ass DSLR." I handled an OM-D yesterday and I have to see that its control layout felt cramped, and I have smaller-than-average hands. Something a bit larger with a better control layout would be of value to me.

As for it being too large, well, lens size has a LOT to do with the size of a camera system. I typically travel with a super wide zoom, normal zoom, a fast prime, and sometimes a tele zoom. Looking solely at the lenses, I see a huge benefit in using micro four-thirds as my travel system.

I have no problem if the GH3 is a little bit bigger than the GH2. It wouldn't negate the value of the m43 for me. And if it provided a more comfortable control layout and/or more direct controls, then I'd actually prefer it over the GH2 (or OM-D).

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