GH3: wrong direction! Bulkier & heavier ....

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Re: GH3: wrong direction! - maybe for you - Right for me!

Not sure how much "bulkier" it will be but maybe they are trying to achieve a serious camera with functionality and useability over gimmicks? - I can only hope - and I'm glad Panasonic didn't try to make the EM5 or NEX part deux. Much preferable to have a design that prioritizes ergonomics over minor and ultimately insignificant size differences.

With the GH2 there were lots of stupid complaints about "plasticky feel" but think about it - that was about weight. The grip and shape are very comfortable to me over anything else I've seen in the m43 lineup. With the G5 I was happy to see Panasonic recognizing this

Now they will probably put weather sealing and maybe more metal into the GH3 design (I have no idea) and it will probably have a "solid feel" and everyone will complain its heavier.

If your looking for some psychologically satisfying sense of otherwise pointless difference in compactness there are lots of other shapes in m43 format to choose from these days. Likely they will update GX1 or something soon enough.

TimK5 wrote:

The new GH3 is bulkier and heavier.

What is Panasonic trying to achieve? Trying to turn a m43 cam into a fat ass DSLR?

The only to buy m43s is the small size and weight. It could be a fatal move to sacrifice the only USP!

Why would anybody buy a DSLR sized cam with inferior performance (in particular sensor performance). Beats me...

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