When did amazon become a porn site?

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Re: When did amazon become a porn site?

BigBen08 wrote:

I visited amazon looking for a photography book about raw image processing.

So in the advanced search field I entered the keywords photography raw and clicked on the search button.

But the first page of search results brought up more porn videos (for kindle) than photography books! The second and third page are also loaded with porn videos.
Only till I got to page 4 did I get all photography books about raw processing.

Ok, I've been around the block a few times, so I'm no prude. But I'm glad my kids were not around at that time. Was this just a fluke, or is amazon becoming lax in their filtering?

Perhaps you or someone in your computer have been looking at porn and you get re-directed to a porn site. I searched for those key words and I don't get any porn at all.

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