Is this a joke? Used quote from B&H

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Re: Is this a joke? Used quote from B&H

jrtrent wrote:

RedValley wrote:

So I guess everyone here is happy with 50% of the real market price...
Anyway, I was just checking. I prefer to sell locally.
Thanks for your opinions.

I don't buy many used items, but my rule of thumb is to never pay more than half the retail price. What percentage are you usually able to get?

I didn't sell photo gear before, but I'd like to get close to the used market value; e.g. if one item sells on ebay for an avg. of $500, I expect to get at least $450 (of course by selling directly).
I just don't like giving away 50%, that's all...

And about the MSRP - it's true, I bought the lens for 770CAD + 14% local taxes 2 or 3 years ago (on special)

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