Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Hi Tom,

If you are using wide and hence F1.8 u get, the RX100 focus is very reliable even in low light and better than NEX7 on kit lens 18-55. I have not test underwater but I tested on land. If all bluewater, surely focus cant lock since there is no contrast, after all RX100 is a contrast focus based.

Since RX100 like NEX7 has focus peaking, you got to train urself to use that, not for anything , but for understanding how contrast focus works and you may try a bit to aim the left or the right or top or bottom of your target to acquire faster focus where there are more contrast. Once it locks, it wont hunt so easily and u move focus to real object. You can change focus point too on RX100, so its useful.

Based on my video test on land, I will never go more narrow angle than maximum wide 28mm RX100 has, even underwater and I will want to start to carry a tripod for macro.
I got this one : http://joby.com/gorillapod/focus
It has the stiffness to allow very heavy lights.

If any focus system on still camera is fast and accurate in VERY low light, it is the phase detect of the Sony A55. I got one and gave it to my son. A77 and A99 uses that phase detect too and the NEX5R use hybrid phase detect and contrast focus, like Nikon V1.

I too can't wait to test this Baby RX100........he he he.


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