Nikon D600 - What now, Sigma?

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Re: Nikon D600 - What now, Sigma?

yvind Strm wrote:

Nikons D600, a FF 24MP, IQ in the neighbourhood of the SD1 and better on ALL other specs - at roughly the same price: USD 2000.

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It really comes down to how the unique IQ attributes of the current gen Foveon suite your photography vs. the Nikon. On the basis of feature comparison, obviously the Nikon wins for a number of reasons.

Sigma can sell to the already established Foveon fan based, like us. But not to many more.

-- Sigma must be in the game on their own terms, they are obviously not out to compete head to head with Canon or Nikon in the DSLR marketplace or they would be manufacturing a vastly different DSLR. From my perspective, Sigma is out to continue to promote a unique vision of digital photography based around a unique technology. They must be at least somewhat successful with it as they continue to make new cameras.

They can hope that DP1M/DP2M will turn a few, but with the new FF Sony compact, I think many will choose that one instead.

-- This argument doesn't get airborne for me, as the Sony is priced so high as to make it even more of a boutique camera than the DP1M and DP2M are.

I repeat what I said in a former post: Sigma and Foveon has not been sitting on their hands for the last years. I think they again have predicted where the market would be, and will announce something with even better resolution than the SD1.

-- Maybe. The pace of development and marketing at Sigma is on a different trajectory than Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

I still expect an announcement of a FF Foveon this Photokina. Not so many days left....

-- It would have to include some new SA mount glass to accompany it, and at the end of the day, why? I mean, I know why many of the Sigma community would like it, but would it make any real business sense for Sigma? I don't suggest I know the answer, but it is a big question, no?

I think the most exciting part of all this is that we have several camera manufactures making and marketing some very interesting photographic equipment. Nikon with their "win the world" formula of more for less, with the D3200 an D600. Canon who are out to rule the world of DSLR video. Sony with their unique vision of the SLT bodies. Pentax-Ricoh, the only company cheeky enough to create a sequel to the utra-niche Q-Series (not to mention the K-5II). Olympus with... well, the digital OM but also maybe something even cooler this Photokina? Sigma with their peerless DP2M and now the DP1M.

As photographer enthusiasts and professionals, we can't lose!

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