E-M5 flare problems with Pany 7-14mm

Started Sep 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Solutions.

It occurred to me that my suggested solution could not in fact work because it would simply be superimposing more very faint reflections on top of the ones from the sensor and rear element.

I think the only permanent fix would be a multicoated 7-14mm rear element or EM-5 hot mirror. Not likely to happen anytime soon.

Bad idea, on reflection (er).

So its mostly a matter of learning what conditions (light source positions) are particularly prone to this sort of reflection. I'll try to take some shots of a light bulb in front of a black surface to see if there are some angles that are particularly bad.

Another project will be to affix a cylinder out of cheap black craft EVA foam sheet around the fixed lens hood, mark and cut out the petals, and see if by pushing it forward a slightly longer pedal hood helps (esp with longer focal lengths).

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