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Re: Because I an underwelmed by the IQ

Nicholas Bell wrote:

Your shots are good, but I think the key is they are not landscapes. I've noticed that close in shots do look a lot better than my landscape or open water shots. I was sold on the TS3 by the excellent underwater photographs and video. But those too were of close-in subjects.

I looked at your other thread and I can understand your dissatisfaction with IQ in distant shots. However, I think I have pinned the problem down to 2 things.

The only mode which gives me good results is the bland, "standard" setting -- scene modes, i-This, and I-That all seem to reduce IQ for me. Even the "natural" setting gives me disappointing results.

Second, I've noticed that if I exceed the maximum optical zoom (4.6X) by even a slight amount, even with iZoom, image quality degrades significantly. I concluded the lens design was being stretched to give 4.6X zoom.

You are right that landscapes are more challenging than nearby subjects. I've seen that with many cameras I've owned. A little bit of post-processing helps a lot in those cases I've found.

I'm impressed with the exposure accuracy, quick focus, and fast shot time, so it's been a very handy camera for me when I'm not needing my larger cameras.

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