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Re: Fisheye

kev777zero wrote:

I'm impressed, the rokinon does look really good with that corner sharpness! I might consider it if say another super deal comes up haha. can you please tell me more on your thoughts of focusing with it?

Despite the corner colour shading issues on the NEX-7, the sharpness of the 8mm/2.8 is so good that I am willing to put up with the extra workflow using CornerFix. I'm selling my Samyang 8mm/3.5 in alpha mount, I can't go back.

Now I know the fisheye 8mm FL will be much easier to focus with than a telephoto lens, but will I be able to not even worry about focusing at all? like focusing it to infinity & use F8 all the time? or will I still have to do a good amount of manual focusing on subjects w/in 2 meters?

I've found f/5.6 and 2m to be the sweet spot for my lens, it's roughly hyperfocal 50cm to infinity. At f/8, the sharpness does go down ever so slightly due to diffraction (shows you just how good is the lens). At f/8 and 1m, it's roughly hyperfocal 20cm to infinity. Since I use it for taking panoramas, I just leave it at f5.6 and 2m.


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