Canon 6D Specs leaked

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Robert Holloway
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Is Canon in a pickle?

I increasingly believe that Canon made a strategic mistake pricing the 5D3 at $3500

For many 5D full frame amateurs, a $3500 price tag was too high for a camera body

Then Nikon came out with the D800 which is better spec'd and charged $2,900. It's hard to see too many amateurs choosing the 5D3 over the D800 if they don't have a bag of lenses.

Now we have the D600. A camera that will meet most people's Full Frame requirements, $1500 cheaper than the 5D3. This makes it even mor difficult for the new Full frame shooter without glass. Early shots from the D600 look very nice to all but the pixel peepers.

What to do? And here is the strategic pickle.

They could release a 6D at $2,000 and seriously cut off sales of the 5D3 to amateurs. It will also irritate many amateurs who just recently paid $3500

Release it at $2,500 and be exposed to the full force of the Nikon at $500 cheaper.

I think canon is making a strategic mistake that i believe Nikon completely understands. the real money in DSLRs is not in the body. It's the lenses stupid - to misquote a US President.

If I was a senior exec at Canon I'd reduce the price of the 5D3 to $2,999 and introduce it's smaller cousin the 6D at $1,999. In each box would be a couple of vouchers for 15% off lenses in the next 6 months.

Lenses lock people into systems - not camera bodies.

Canon is not only being out maneuvered technically by Nikon. They are being out thought strategically. These new Nikon shooters will stay with Nikon as they buy lenses. If that goes on for a few years it can be decisive.

Look at Apple - their great skill is not that everything works together. It's that once you enter the walled garden and stay there for a few months it's increasingly difficult to get out.

Just my 2c.

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