Newbie Question: Alternative brand Battery Pack to Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack?

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Re: There are more than one way to skin a cat

plevyadophy wrote:

With regard to the YongNuo inverter packs, what issues does it have?

I monitor a lot of net-groups frequented by flash-users, and while somebody of course always gripes about something, the reports about "issues" with the YongNuo inverter packs are well above average - this goes for both the Canon and Nikon versions, but the Nikon version seems to be more problematic than the Canon version.

Here are some links:

"I have 2 out of 2 that have failed so far. I suggest another product. Failure of External Flash Light Battery Pack for Canon 580EX 550EX Purchased from EBay Seller hkyongnuophotoequipment."

"The YN fried itself with minimal use, and reverse polarised (stuffed up) 2 sets of batteries. "

"Needs to use both power socket and Sync socket. Will not allow a trigger to fire it from the hotshoe, so not a good choice for Strobists. No way to hook a PW up either."

And do you know of a reliable source of info on these packs, perhaps someone who has done a comparative review.

I haven't seen a real review of these. And I must admit that I haven't tested them myself. I considered them some time ago and decided not to buy them because of the bad buzz on the net.
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