A99 won't take my money

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A99 won't take my money

First to address the lovely sony users here in this forum, i'm just trying to find some logic here, if you disagree its cool, it's nothing personal.

I've build a large collection of sony gear in recent years, from nex7 and a77 to nearly all the zeiss lens for sony, i began photography with a nikon d5k but it wasn't enough for any action/sports with fps below 5, so i took the bite on nex7 and the 24mm zeiss, loving the 10fps for street photography, then i got a chance to secure a good deal on a used a77, which is simply amazing to use, yes iso is a little weak but that's where the fast lens came to help just like how it use to work with film (where u rarely pass iso 400 in everyday usage). For me i lock the iso at below 1600 and the raw output looks marvelous.

So i decided to stock up on the zeiss lens waited in excitement for the rumored a99 to appear, but when it finally did, i find it so hard to justify a purchase, and i spend hours reading on everything i can on it to make sure i didn't miss anything important.

Who is the A99 for? try to follow my logic here friends

a) Current sony shooters

1 - owns a900 or a850, the landscape shooter, since fps and iso wasn't the adv point for those two bodies, probably endorse the optical view finder since evf with its limited DR isn't so good for daylight landscape, e.g. avoid full blown sky but gets pitch black foreground, (i love my a77 evf but u have to recognize the good and bad), fast af or mf assist probably doesn't mean much, since for landscape we are more looking at f8 or above for full frame sharpness, the a99 price would be more likely sending them buying an used body with added warranty and a new lens and save some

2 - studio portrait wedding, fast accurate focus really helps, but be reminded that it only supports a limited range of lens, the legendary zeiss 85mm and 135mm isn't even on the list!! Also the new flash shoe means added cost for some new light system, that can be a pain, especially when you have something you've tweaked out already, plus sony flash ain't cheap, and the 2nd hand market is relatively thin for them. Tether is finally supported which is lovely, would be nice to see it work with wireless remote

3 - Sports/news, here is where it gets a bit personal as well. Again, high expectation from the rumored 109 af points, i imagined the points placed all over the frame and never loose the subject when it moves with in frame. Reality checked in, still much like the a77, heavily center weighted focus points, meaning more manual panning and following the subject than anticipated, but that's fine. Only a few lenses supported and not the money maker 70-200G, that's fine, it should be in the line up. supports 300 and 500 automatically, superb, but wait, it came with 6fps and a 15 shot buffer??......from what i see here in the forum and u kick above 300mm its usually birds, race cars, some times moon but who shots the moon everyday needs a fast af? so moving subject with 6fps? BIG FAIL, all that brag about af speed is usless, i need to follow a subject for 2 secs and produce more than 12 raws, (6fps with 15 buffer). again new flash adapter for current flash adds additional linkage on to the system doesn't help in the field, extra step means more room for disaster. Then the price, for those who have some 3rd party lens this is as good as a brand new system since the new af won't work on them, and i won't keep my hopes up since sigma, tamron and others had to reverse engineer the sony lens to get af in the current system, the new af seems to be dependent on lens design (i read this here on this forum), so for the true fan boy u want to enjoy the full glory of the system you are looking at a99 + 300mm or 500MM.....the cost....let's just say it's not the everyday pro-sumer. Even for the pros, its a business for them, d600 with 5.5 fps and lens in the same range for a lot less premium with better product support......yes it shoots nearly 9fps when cropped, but then might as well keep my a77 for that monster 24mp 12fps

b) Canikon shooters

its all about price........the lenses are much cheaper, and much easier to find quality 2nd hand at deeper discount, d600 seems to be lighter in weight and in price....i hate it, it should have been sony.

FF pros need good after sales suport which sony lacks...(i have my la-ea2 in the shop for over 5 weeks because 3 of them were lost in transport, and this is sony shop nyc sending to its' own facility.......)

I was really hoping sony to open a new lead with an affordable FF sports cam, this is where they can seriously attract new buyers (in large numbers) the 3k saved from d4 or 1dx would justfy the premium in lens, flash, blah blah blah....but 6fps....just disappointed...

c) Brand new own nothing

yea if they were uneducated about the limitations of a99 and just love the sony brand (where its strong in asia) and for the bragging rights, then slap on a 50mm then may be....but are they the majority? i don't know...

So that pretty much sums up my wish/hope/disappointment/frustration, where do you fit in the product placement world of FF cameras friend? do share

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