No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

Piginho wrote:

if you'd read all of my posts in this thread, particularly my first one, you'd know that I see the benefits of EVF. It's just that for me they don't outweigh the drawbacks. I say again, each to his own. I don't believe that people who prefer OVF to EVF should be spoken down to by people who think that they've seen the light.

No one is speaking down to you because you prefer OVFs over EVFs. We are speaking down to you because you have posted a bunch of BS reasons why the OVF is so superior to the EVF such as critical focusing and backlit subjects. You make it sound like it is impossible to use the EVF in those situations when in fact the EVF is superior to the OVF in those situations. Clearly you have never used an EVF and you are trying to sound like some kind of expert in the field. I own and I use both an EVF and an OVF camera and the EVF wins by a very large distance. If you prefer an OVF I have no problem, I do have a problem with you making up things to prove that OVFs are superior.
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