First portraits, need lots of advice

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Re: First portraits, need lots of advice

Les Berkley wrote:

45matai wrote:

I'm not totally new to photography, but am new to trying to take portraits or other "people pictures." I just jumped into full frame from m43's so I have really nice equipment, but my photography has always been aimed towards wildlife, nature, landscape and architecture. I would love some constructive feedback on these photos. Also, does anybody have any recommendations for books on taking portraits? Also, I’d love to get a more in depth understanding of Adobe Camera, are there any good books on that? I'm becoming the go-to person for family photos which makes me really nervous, I'm not confident in those skills at all yet.


  1. 1: White balance is off, hands and arms are chopped in half, bright area of the bg is distracting.

  1. 2: Good skin tone, odd expression. Hands are cut off, but this doesn't bother me as much as on #1. Hot spot on glasses. Refractive effect of glasses makes eyes look very different in size. Object in hands detracts. (Note: I see some of what could be the effects of a stroke or Bell's palsy--if so, I would shoot the face three-quarter, to minimize the effects.)

  1. 3: Would be very good, if the far eye were not in focus rather than the near one. Nice posing and skin tone. If you had sot at f2.8 instead of 1.8, you might have been better off.

  1. 4: Lot of worms.

  1. 5: Flat, no catchlights in the eyes, skin tone a bit over saturated.

1: I'm glad you noticed those, those were three things I was worried about. I was having a hard time trying to get those thing to work. I'm trying to be better about not "forcing" a photo to work through editing because if I have to do that, it probably isn't going to work.

2: He's an odd guy making a kind of a smirk. Are there any techniques to deal with glasses?

3: That was one of the first lessons I learned after taking these pictures was that I don't need to open up the lens so much. I think I got a little too excited by the F1.2. Moving to FF, I'm having to stop down a lot more often than with M43s.

4: Worms?

5: Makes sense, I did some heavy post processing with Portrait Professional trying to clear up the skin. Do people ever take offense when you try to fix acne and stuff like that??


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