Some SX 40 Questions

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Re: Some SX 40 Questions

PhilInMA wrote:


I see a lot of batteries on EBay. Capacities run from 1000mAH to 1400 mAH among the non OEM units, but the genuine Canon is 920 mAH. Any in particular I should avoid? One vendor says their battery is un-decoded and may not be read properly/work properly. Anything I should look out for?

My second battery is always the genuine Canon Brand because nothing is as important as being able to depend on the battery in your camera. Nothing!

My 3rd battery is usually an off-brand that has favorable customer reviews. I occasionally use the off-brand battery just to make sure it works properly. So far, so good.

But, I have never bought a "chipped" battery until I bought the SX40. Eventually I will buy that 3rd battery. Meanwhile, the Canon batteries last a long, long time for my purposes (very little video).

Claims of 1000mAh or higher really don't mean much. Who is able to test the battery to see if it really meets specs? And if it fails six months from now it may seem unimportant considering the low $$$ cost. But, how do you put a price on the pictures/video you were unable to shoot - due to a defective battery? What if it was a Birthday Party or Graduation Ceremony?
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