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I predict Fujifilm will out-design and out-market Nikon ...

KRR wrote:

Per your request, here are some marketing SNAFUs:

Great list. Smells a lot like trolling, but just on the off chance you're serious, I'll address some of your "points", in the context of Fuji in particular (because, in your world, "Fujifilm will out-design and out-market Nikon in the near term", and in the context of the camera industry, in general).

1. Nikon full-line catalog shows only 2 pages for their wonderful film camera line.

Yeah. The cameras didn't sell, and were discontinued. Where's the 35mm film SLR in Fuji's catalog (they used to make them, you know), or the rangefinders, or the point and shoots, or the bridge cameras? Where's the xpan?

2. Nikon no longer updates their scanner software and parts support is lacking.

As opposed to Fuji's state-of-the-art scanner software for their well supported scanner line...

3. Nikon sells high-end SLRs at Best Buy which hurts family-owned camera shops that offer solid sales support and accessories. Nikon screws their loyal mom & pop dealers.

Fuji would sell "high-end SLRs at Best Buy", if Fuji had high end SLRs to sell. They sell the highest end digital they have, the $1,700 X-Pro, at Best Buy. ||46756a6966696c6d&list=y&nrp=15&sc=abCameraCamcorderSP&sp=-bestsellingsort+skuid&usc=abcat0400000

4. Nikon hired a teen idol to promote their cheap girly cameras,

And Fuji used J-pop idol "Squirrel".

At least Nikon never did this...

even though that segment is using their cell phone as a party pix camera. Teenaged girls are killing photography as an artform.


5. Nikon product design department is playing it safe with too many models offering too many features

Fuji has even more models.

to satisfy their short-sighted,make-the-month dealers. The entire industry has been dumbed down,

And your savior Fujifilm led that charge. They were making fashion cameras when Nikon was doing bulky swivel-lens boxes.

  • Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

just like what happened to the US TV industry when manufacturers committed suicide with black plastic cabinets making TVs a commodity. Circuit City won the price battle but lost the war. Just like RCA, Zenith, Magnavox. Classic design-by-committee marketing.

6. Nikon is playing hardball with non-authorized service centers. Ready-Fire-Aim.

You mena, when they brought their policies into line with the way some of their competition, including Holy Fuji, had been doing for decades? You are kinda out-of-touch with what's going on in hte industry, aren't you?

7. Nikon should not burden cameras with video.

Fuji did it first on their point-and-shoots, and they were the first to put liveview on a DSLR (all the "burden" of video is, is writing the liveview to flash).

If they want to make porn

Run it up to 0:53, LOL...

tell them to buy a dedicated video camera from Panasonic or Sony.

8. Finally, Nikon should not have let film be killed off by editorial and wedding photographers who need the advantages of digital. Nikon should have setup a new division to support art photographers whose needs are different.

And you have the market research to prove that this would be an effective business model for a multibillion dollar business? Even though you demonstrated so much erroneous information?

Yes, this niche market could have survived, but the corporate mindset is beancounter influenced by execs who are driven to max their bonus.

Nikon, like RCA/Magnavox/Zenith, is killing their own brand image and could be out of the camera business in 5 years. Don't laugh...

But you're so very funny, I can't help it.

it is very hard to survive without a dedicated dealer base. Big box outlets can't sell high-tech. Remember Circuit City?

You worked for Ritz, right? Bitter about the liquidation? Which, of course, is all Nikon's fault, because they didn't give them as big loans to default on, the way Canon did...

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