NEX 6 or X-E1: Which is more appealing thus far?

Started Sep 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Both good cameras for their own reasons...

Very valid points.

For me the new NEX powerzoom looks like a gem (kudos to Panasonic to come up with the idea) and should not be compared with the new Fuji kit zoom. If the IQ can live up to the VERY nice and sleak design and wise FoV-choice of 16-50mm, then Sony should have a winner here. This alone is in my world a "killer feature" going for the NEX-6.

I like the specs of the Fuji zoom, but we are going to see a NEX G-lens standard zoom next year according to the roadmap, and it may turn out that the new Fuji 1855 2.8-4 will be more comparable to this G-lens, than the new Sony powerzoom.

Who knows, maybe the NEX G-lens will be comparable in more ways than one would expect (size, price, specs and IQ).

Size comparison (the Fuji kit is even significantly larger than the "old" Sony kit zoom):
Fuji 1855 2.8-4 --> 65x70.4mm, 310g
Sony 1855 3.5-5-6 --> 62x60mm, 194g

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