D600 pricing... or what lack of competition means...

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Re: D600 pricing... or what lack of competition means...

Theodoros it is really simple, if you feel it is a rip off, then don't buy it.

I haven't noticed anyone replying saying they agree with you here and thanks for posting those numbers. Personally I want to see how the product feels and performs, I'm not worried that Nikon is going to make more off me on the D600 than they did on my other Nikon body purchases.

For most it will come down to how we normally go about purchasing a DSLR. Some will wait to see what others feel about the camera. Others will want it to replace a old DSLR that either needs replacing or they want something new.

What you see as a rip off I see as a potential light weight and smaller travel DSLR that will let me leave my two pro bodies in my studio. Also will let me get my D700 converted to IR. Something I have wanted to do for some time.

Last for the person who posted that Canon has lost the FX market, then you haven't shot with the 1Dx or a 5D MkIII. The 1Dx is sad to say a better camera in many ways than my D4. Better auto focus (faster). The cameras are pretty equal in many ways. Nikon focus' much better in low light while the Canon is faster in a sporting event.

The 5D MkIII is a much better focusing 5D2, which is still a pretty damn good camera in its own right. Yes Canon might have lost their footing as the only FX option, but they still offer some very good options. With some very good and very fast glass.
All the best and keep on shooting

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