No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs - they might want to reconsider...

Piginho wrote:

It was inevitable that film would at some point be overtaken by digital. The same cannot be said for EVF over OVF.

What is amusing is these EVF fans:

  • backing a fringe technology

  • that is used on perhaps 1% of professional/semi-professional DSLR cameras

  • that is only used on professional/semi-professional DSLR cameras by a single manufacturer

  • with that manufacturer busy loosing professional/semi-professional DSLR market share

and they are convinced that it is one day going to rule the world and that everyone else going the standard OVF route is quite obviously wrong.

Oh dear, guys! You make me laugh

Unless this EVF technology radically improves (and it hasn't from the A77 to the A99...) your beloved EVF technology is a dead duck and is about the head the same way as Betamax (with the fading sound of you all shouting "but its better").

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