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Press release - revolutionary apple camera

PRESS RELEASE: Cupertino California, Mothership, Photokina Köln: Once again Apple is stirring up the whole industry, this time going straight after Nikon, Canon and Sony and their lucrative camera business with a completely new camera – the “one button fits all” concept. Easier to use than a Kodak, better than any Nikon!

The camera is targeted at point & shoot users as well as professional tired of all the knobs and menus. This camera has one multi-function button: Press the 1-2-3 button when the camera is pointing at a subject, and you will get sharp and clear images that will impress everybody. Double click and the camera start to take wonderful video captures!

Connect the camera to your Mac computer and push the button and all pictures will be transferred to the computer. Use the new PowerProcess module with its brand new 123 pin connector, and all images are perfectly processed during the upload to the hard drive. Or push the camera button 3 times, and new pictures and videos are wi-fi-ed to your Mac computer, no matter where on the planet you are taking your pictures, or where the computer is. The moon and Mars will soon be covered too.

There will be two models of this revolutionary camera. The low end model is equipped with a new 8 megapixel sensor, which is much more than needed for viewing the pictures and videos on any Apple computer display. The other, intended for power users, like professionals, have a 48 megapixel sensor, allowing a lot of digital zooming, so that you can grab hot and dangerous action within safe distance. Studio flashes will be supported as soon as we know how to implement this with the 1-2-3- button.

With this concept you don’t need the irritating and frustrating camera screen, filled with confusing menus and cryptic symbols. Just point the camera in the direction of the subject and everything is taken care of: framing, composition, focus, depth of field, exposure … better than even the trained professional can do! Just as easy as pushing the 1-2-3 button!

Beyond the simple and extremely tasty and appealing surface there is a shitload of new technology, only found at Samsung before Apple found out how to make this technology useful. Everything is of cause protected with new patents, so that consumers can feel confident with this new line of Apple products.

Actually Samsung was going to show a similar product on Photokina this year, but was sued in the last minute since their camera design was too close to the tasty and appealing Apple design. They have to redesign the camera, using a shape other than a nectarine – maybe a banana or a pear, but nothing close to our popular and bestselling symbol.

Pricing and delivery is not set yet, but people will buy anyway, so just place your orders!

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