Now the $1000 question - D600 vs. D800???

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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D600 + $1000 on lenses

Given that D600 is not an entry-level camera but a fully-featured FF DSLR perfectly capable of professional use, it's mostly a matter of 24mp vs 36mp and actual needs.

I think D600 + $1000 on lenses it's a more balanced combination. Keep in mind that many lenses which perform so-so on 36mp will perform well on 24mp. Yes, you can downsize 36mp to 24mp or lower, but honestly what's the point of having 36mp then? With 24mp you have a sweet spot between resolution, file size, cropping ability when required and cost of camera and lenses.

Another point is that isn't really a huge difference in actual resolution, so many folks may be fooling themselves justifying 36mp over 24mp. 36mp is not really ultrahigh resolution, it's only in the lower end of medium format. 54+ mp will be a more significant jump in resolution.

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