I love my 5d3, but...

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SubPrime wrote:

Blue II wrote:

Negligible higher MP

Yeah, like 63% is negligible.

I was responding to his comment re 25 MP for the faster frame rate. Not the full 36 with oversized files.

but must have the grip which adds size and weight

Along with balance and functionality - which is why Canon also make one for the 5D3.

But not required to get the 6 FPS being discussed.

Not to mention the AF issues and green LCD that I keep reading about.

Raading about but never experienced first hand right?

I don't have to experience space flight to know it exists. :> )

DR is only higher at low ISOs, so no real benefit.

1. DR si higher until 1600.

2. It's a huge benefit. Low ISO is where you want it. That's where optimum quality is achieved.

I do a lot of sports and am mostly above 1600.

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