DIY Macro tubes (off the shelf)

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DIY Macro tubes (off the shelf)

Hi All,

I was inspired by IHKim's tubes but not having access to a cnc machine or 3d printer, I thought I should look to see just what I could achieve with off the shelf bits, here is what I have put together so far.

Parts required

I chose these rings because being the screw together type I would only have 1 mount at each end to fabricate. If you simply wanted a set of tubes for say a pentax k mount to NX then just glue the nx macro ring to the stepup ring, then with the rest of the above you are good to go by just assembling the parts as in this pic

Or you could adapt a NX lens cap as here

This would give you a set of 'dumb' tubes with NX mounts at each end.

It would also be possible to use just the front and rear mounts that you have made on bellows!

But as with all projects there is always the 'what if factor' so as it is only 2 ends/mounts that have to be worked on, I am now trying to figure out how to make 'smart' nx tubes from these parts, a few Ideas sofar............

This wont be an elegant solution I know but I figure for probably a total outlay of $20 who cares as long as it works!

However if any of you clever chaps out there have any bright ideas! please let me have your comments asap!



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