Nikon D800 back from El Segundo, CA

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Re: Clarification

!/ Based on dozens of ridiculous posts by Leonard I am now convinced he is a troll!!

2/ Leonard just do us all a favour & answer the question "why can the other focus points achieve correct focus on the very same targets" ?

3/Tear out page 100 & use it to wipe things!!!

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

gl2k wrote:

We have been told by so many "specialists" in this forum that there is no general AF problem. It's all user error.


1/ Nikon caution

Quote “Cameras AF systems require a difference in contrast to achieve focus. Plain subjects or subjects without much detail or a pattern may mean that the camera is unable to focus accurately".

2/ Anybody can read the quidance on page 100 of the D800 instructions, though Nikon could expand it by clarifying single line AF points need horizontal detail to work well, and far outer left AF points can detect a different segment of the viewfinder marker to far outer left.

3/ Based on 77 images posted at dpreview what you call "user error" is the prime suspect - because the links show the subjects used are ones which it would be unreasonable to expect phase detect to be consistently accurate.

4/ there do not seem to be any links to images of subjects which are not what you call "user error"

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Leonard Shepherd

Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

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