I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...


The D600 DOES have dual cards.

And t would be hard for anything to be as good as the 5d3 AF (they should have called it "Merlin"), but it doesn't have to be as quite as good as the 5d3 in AF to be useful and appealing for weddings and lots else. For example, if you are a wedding shooter, you can get two D600s for close to the price of one 5d3.

The significant aspect is those specs in the context of that price.


Sensor wise, yes, if it is like a smaller D800.. But for weddings, hmm. I like dual card slots like my 5DIII and 1D cameras, and I am better the 5D3 AF is still better..

chironNYC wrote:

I love my 5d3, and since I already have my money invested I am certainly not going to jump ship.

But, if the D600 sensor lives up to its Sony heritage, without the megapixel overweight and manufacturing/design defects of the D800 (AF, green tint, etc.), I think it will be a very attractive camera in its own right. At $1400 less than the 5d3, it will appeal to many categories of shooters. If you can shoot a wedding with a 5d2, you can shoot a wedding with a D600.

Price-wise, it competes with xD Canon cameras. Features-wise, it competes with the 5d3.

It looks to be a fine and appealing camera at a price and with a sensor that will profoundly challenge Canon.

I think it may be a market-changing camera.

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