The E5 replacement has just been announced....

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Olympus is not viable option anymore anyways.

Olympus is not viable option anymore anyways. I think people who hope here for E7 and such are kidding themselves.

There has been no signs of life on the 4/3 front for several years. All the lenses and most of the accessories are out of stock in my country and can not be ordered. It's obvious Olympus is not making them any more. Sigma also has dropped all the 4/3 stuff. So it's pretty clear that there is no life left in this system. Moreover, most of the people have moved on anyways. Pros have gone to Canikon and Sony (even some of the Olympus visionaries).

So to who should Olympus make 4/3 stuff? There just is no point for them to concentrate on this anymore. Competition has totally taken over and most of the people have left. 4/3 has completely dropped out of the picture and only way that it would make any sense at all to support it would be complete reboot with full product line upgrade, strong marketing and revived localized presence. Only htne they could maybe win back some credibility. Olympus is not in a position to pull it off. They might make another 4/3 camera to keep the last 10 4/3 users happy, but I'm not holding my breath.

But as things stand now it's just crazy to buy anything 4/3 written on it.

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