From SLR to DP1&2M

Started Sep 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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SD1 obviously more versatile and far better ergonomically.

ChromeLight wrote:

This may sound dumb, but what is it like shooting with a DP1 if all you've ever used in your life was an SLR camera?

Puting aside speed, are there ergonomic and operational issues that are difficult to get used to?

I own the SD1 and a DP2 and ergonomically the SD1 is far superior. The DP2's advantage is obviously it's size and weight but then you are stuck with a fixed focal length lens. I have also never liked using an LCD to frame and focus. You get more blurry shots that way. The SD1 is also obviously a much more versatile tool. If size and weight isn't a concern and you are on a budget I recommend passing on the DP series. If the budget allows it may be worth having both.

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