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Re: bump ... does no one MF on the J1?

i use manual focus m42 and c mount lenses on a v1, via a dumb adapter not an ft1...

never liked the EVF for focusing,... the screen on the back is much better and its pretty easy to focus. unless its so bright that i cant see the screen, i rarely use the evf for focusing.

unless you're doing close ups of kids doped up on sugar and caffeine with an f1.2 i dont think you'll have any real problems, even though i think i read somewhere that the v1's screen resolution is a tad higher than the j1's.

once you set it to manual mode, the camera remembers it so the next time you start up its already in manual mode.

as for moving subjects, if you can zone/scale focus then you're good and the screens pretty clear for follow focus as well.

on the video tip,.. i've just started shooting more video, and its pretty nice. it does heat up quite a bit after about 15-20 minutes and there have been reports of cameras shutting down when they get too hot. so unless you must have one long continuous shot, chunks would keep the camera from overheating.

enjoy your new toy!

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