Silly D600 UK price point...

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Re: Silly D600 UK price point...

u007 wrote:

Leif Goodwin wrote:

u007 wrote:

US to UK prices are always like this unfortunately

Thing is, the price of the D800 is £2599, not the occasional £2499, 2399 or even 2199 that we've seen around. The actual price is £2599 and I don't think that will change for a while.

So in that respect, the d600 price of £1995 makes sense. And it will come down further, widening the gap.

Your information is not correct:

They're still temporary. You're comparing a reduced d800 price vs a d600 at full-price. When the d600 gets the same price cut, or the d800 price goes back up, the gap will make sense.

No I'm comparing the ACTUAL price I would have to pay to buy the items. That is all that matters. At the moment the street price of both is so close that I cannot see the point of buying the D600 rather than the D800. I can buy a D800 for about £2100 from several shops, not just the one in the link. That is a fact. I suspect Nikon UK do not want to sell this camera. Clearly the price needs to come down significantly for it to sell in any quantity. Bear in mind the D800 price will drop further, as it has been on sale for many months, and demand has slowed.

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