No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

seilerbird666 wrote:

Piginho wrote:

So if you really want to trust an electronic display, when your eye at minimum resolves 135 times as much detail, then be my guest.

Your whole argument is way beyond silly. I don't watch Blu ray movies in my EVF, I use it to track birds flying by me at 20 miles per hour. No one is doing critical post processing in their viewfinder, they are composing photos. You don't need the entire range of the what the human eye can see. I rarely look in my viewfinder for more than a few seconds at a time and then only to quickly compose and shoot.
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The main problem with EVFs is the lack of DR. This makes EVFs useless for composing when you has a strong light in front of you, typical when you are shooting outdoors portraits.

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