Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

albatross wrote:

Hi Surya and Neo, thanks for your sharing I'm definitely going to get this camera tonight for my next diving setup. I've been shooting video for the past 2 years with a Panny P&S and have been craving for an upgrade since a dust particle has been sitting in the middle of the lens. How annoying is that! I also want to improve my skills from just full auto to more manual control and it seems the RX100 is the best thing available without getting into more expensive videocam. Once I get around learning the camera and comfortable with it as my u/w option I'll then get the housing. Currently I have to say I'm leaning towards to the Nauticam since it's cheaper and per Surya the control is better. Please keep sharing your experience and samples so I can learn as much as I can prior to my decision.

I've booked for a trip to Malapascua at the end of Oct and hopefully I can have it for the trip!

Once again thank you so much!

Hi Alba
U r most welcome.

RX100 is good for video. Its zoom when doing video is very soft-slow, so like a video camera. Its focus also the same, doesn't jump in video mode.

Due to its faster lens of F1.8, in the dark and based on contrast focus it is using, it will beat my D800 ( contrast focus when using rear LCD ) using F4 lens for speed of auto non-stop focus, where D800 will stop trying to focus when light level too low.

In fact my NEX7 with kit lens 11-55mm F3.5 is also a dark lens and hence slower, of course as you zoom the RX100, the lens become higher F and slower. In UW setting you won't want to zoom, the shake will be more pronounced, so in most cases you will use bigger F opening and will get faster focus.

You must buy URpro 67mm Cyan filter. It is way cheaper and better than video lights in good viz and daylight use.

I just got 2 of 10,000 lumens video light and will experiment with it for daylight use and see how it compares to URpro Cyan in good viz when upto 15-20 meters.


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