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Re: Italy tricky to shot?

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 has in-body 5 axis IS, and it works a treat, one of the best implementations I've seen. That side of it is a dream for legacy glass.

Minor downsides are M.43 bodies don't implement Focus Peaking (yet), FP is the fastest and easiest way to manually focus because without it you have to; chose a focus point, magnify that point (losing sight of composition), focus, exit magnification; re-check your composition and finally release the shutter. With Focus Peaking you compose, focus (seeing directly where your focus is) and shoot. Fast, natural and non-invasive. Sony and Ricoh have it, I really hope Olympus delivers it in a FW update.

Other partial downside is the 2x crop factor means none of your wide angle legacy glass is wide any more, you have to go Native lenses for wide. However, the flipside of this is the 2x crop gives you incredible Tele options, for example a 400 F/5.6 becomes like an 800 F/5.6 in terms of light gathering (to keep high shutter speeds) with the benefits of F/11 DOF, and with the in-built IS you can actually focus them and get great sharp results.

Third downside is if the lens doesn't have an Aperture ring, you're stuck with single Aperture (usually wide open, but can be overridden before mounting).


Jane S wrote:

I played with a Pany G5 and fantasized about how easy a micro 4/3's and a few special lenses would be such an easy thing to travel with.

Maybe next trip.....or whenever rationalization trumps economic sense....

I could use all my legacy lenses....lots of Zeiss just sitting in the closet from the film days.

Do any micro 4/3's have IS in the camera body? I have some heavy Zeiss lenses and they are hard to hold still. Tried some of them on the G5 (with an adapter), surprised at the how hard it was to be steady at a low iso.

It is all manual focus in either ap or manual, but that is ok.

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