Which Prime?

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Re: 35/f2

You wrote that the 50mm f1.8 and the 35mm f2 have the same focussing mechanism... They do not. They do both have an older motor style.

The 35mm f2 is not that noisy, only when it looks for focus over a big distance it is a bit louder. In normal use it is pretty quiet.

The 35mm f2 does not flare especially, it does pretty fine with light sources. It does have pretty smooth bokeh, and all in all is a very enjoyable lens, with very good close up capabilities (especially with a 12mm extension tube, where it goes to 1:2 and holds up very very well). Also it is very usable wide open. All in all a very nice little lens.

tonyjr wrote:

Both my 50 1.8 and the 35 f2 like to flare . not the 28 or 35 as much [ both are 2.8 ]
I got the 35 f 2 fairly cheap - a few nicks and dings- ugly lens . ONLY 125 .
Anyway if you get a prime , get at least a rubber hood for it .

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