Which Prime?

Started Sep 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
brightcolours Forum Pro • Posts: 15,413
I do not see that ghost sun

What I see is just the ghost shapes from lens flare, i see on the right side a big circular line, then on the left side a big red-ish ghost flare, then a brighter smaller flare with rainbow colours. No ghost like from a flat UV filter.... Just the normal flares caused by internal reflections from the elements.

Schnapper wrote:

I like the shot of the sunset showing the effect of the 7 bladed aperture... but I notice there's a ghost image of the sun across the center of the image from the actual sun (at about the 10 o'clock position). The effects of UV protective filters are being discussed in another thread, and I'm wondering if this ghost image is caused by the lens itself, or if it's a product of a filter.

Did you have a filter mounted to the lens for that shot, or is it caused by the lens itself?

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