No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

Piginho, as erudite and polite as your posts have been, it is pretty clear that you have actually never seriously tried ANY of the Sony evf Alphas, certainly not any of the recent ones. Nor do you apparently remember that in the days before AF, ovf cameras were equipped with ground glass and an array of other focusing devices simply because the naked eye is NOT, using an ovf, capable of accurately arriving at fine focus. Of course, some pairs of eyes and some brains may be better at it than others, but these focusing devices were generally regarded as necessary.

Sony introduced focus peaking in the mirrorless cameras originally, because they were being used in manual focus mode for two major reasons. First, the only AF available to them at the time was contrast detect, which was notoriously slow. Second, the NEX design made it possible to use a large array of great legacy lenses in manual focus mode.

Focus peaking was quickly recognized as a superior way to achieve critical focus with considerably greater speed--superior even, to many who have used even the best ovf cameras, to the old pre-AF methods.

Try it, you may like it. Of course, like everything, it takes a bit of practice.

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