Sony 16-50mm v. Olympus 12-50mm zoom

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Re: Sony 16-50mm v. Olympus 12-50mm zoom

I suppose you meant the Zeiss f1.8 (not Zuiko?), and if you did you probably haven't used it. It's tack sharp wide open and gives the most pleasant bokeh.

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

For all of those whining about the introduction of the NEX6, it is nice and has its place. But Sony is electronics, not camera design. Compare the kit lenses:

1. Sony 16-50mm pros

A little faster (1/2 f stop?) than the Olympus.

2. Olympus 12-50mm pros

Longer telephoto range (100mm > 75mm equivalent)

Weather proof


IBIS allows lower shutter speeds

And if past judgement is guide, it will have better IQ as well.

Even the mighty Zuiko 24mm f1.8 NEX lens is not sharp wide open like the better Zuikos or the Panaleicas. m43rds has at least a 1 stop advantage due to better lenses.

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