I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: Meanwhile in Nikon land

LiveFromPhilly wrote:

A lot of us Nikon shooters are wishing for a true D700 replacement (which I guess would be a D4 sensor in a D800 body) and complaining about the lack of an AF-On button.

There were also a lot of Nikon shooters who (maybe unrealistically) thought this would be around $1600 body only and think it's priced too close to the D800.

D300S owners like myself are in an especially weird place if they're trying to go full frame. You can pay a little more for FX on a lesser body or substantially more for a mostly equal/better body but with more than triple the file size and slower fps.

Interesting comments. No doubt Nikon offers plenty of features to choose from but is Nikon putting them together in the right combinations?

Just wondering out loud so to speak.
Glenn NK
Victoria, BC

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