No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

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Re: No Sony SLRs any more, ever.

As someone who actually does portraiture (plus the odd landscape or two), I can tell you getting accurate colors and exposure is far, far more important than "critically accurate focus". Which many people have shown cannot be gotten without live view and magnification anyways, as even photographers with decades of experience have failed to match, let alone surpass, AF systems when using OVFs of 35mm-and-below SLRs.

And yes, checking for color accuracy in the field is still important even if you shoot RAW, as making light changes is easy enough, but correcting for a photo under fluorescent lights taken with a Tungsten setting takes significantly more work, of the pants-numbingly boring kind. The fact that EVFs allow us to get it right in seconds, with no shoot-> chimp-> correct-> shoot cycle in between, is simply a Godsend.

Ohh, and if you really think you can discern 36 Mpx's worth of detail with your naked eye in the tiny view of a 35mm OVF, you're completely and utterly nuts.

Really, the OVF has many benefits, but you've pointed out none of them and in fact, given your description of your requirements and style of shooting, you'd be among those who'd find Live View the most useful. Give it a try, make a few 16x20" test prints, and you should find it a most enlightening experience

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