I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: Meanwhile in Nikon land

chironNYC wrote:

If the D600 body feels right in the hand--say as good as a Canon 7d does--then I think its specs and price will make it very appealing, more appealing to many than the overburdened and troubled D800.

Not really. Those who were/are attracted to the D800 by and large will not simply opt for the D600. The few that have poor reproductions will either wait for Nikon to fix them or get rid of them altogether. The majority, who landed good copies, regard the D800 as the next they have ever owned.

The D600 body is too small to appeal to pros - it will have lousy balance with f2.8 lenses. The D600 is deliberately handicapped - more basic AF, lwer flash sync etc.

And it does seem to overlap market appeal and useability with the 5d3, not completely but to a substantial extent.

The appeal is largely price point. Personally, I would much rather a D800 body with high fps and the D4 sensor.

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