Epson 3880 vs 4900

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Re: Epson 3880 vs 4900

pcm81 wrote:

buggz wrote:
Wow, you were told wrong about using the same ink.
You can even see this on their web site.
The 4900 uses Epson UltraChrome HDR inkset, the 3880 uses Epson UltraChrome K3

nolte1964 wrote:

I actually just got done talking to the Epson Rep about these two printers as I am considering a purchase, and he informed me that the 3880 and the 4900 use the same inc, the size of the cartridges is different where the 3880 uses a 80 ml tank and the 4900 uses a 200 ml tank and has two additional colors, green and orange.

I wonder if HDR is just superset of K3? Meaning its the same ink, but with additional colors...?

Yellow is the weak link in light fade resistance, and yellow is a shared pigment between all Ultrachrome ink sets (i.e K3, K3vm, and HDR ink sets). The HDR ink set adds a somewhat more stable orange and green colorant which substitutes for yellow in many color blends...thus increasing light fade resistance as well as color gamut. 10-15% lightfastness increase with Epson driver, 30-50% increase in light fade resistance with ImagePrint RIP (because the Imageprint RIP substitutes orange and green ink more liberally than than the Epson driver). Whether improved light fastness matters to you is entirely your own decision, but it does denote a very real difference between the Epson 3880 (K3VM ink set) and the Epson 4900 (HDR ink set).


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