Thank You E-PL1: New GF3 and E-PM1 Owner (Questions)

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Re: Thank You E-PL1: New GF3 and E-PM1 Owner (Questions)

I can't say anything about the GF3 but I detested the GF2 for its low dynamic range. I switched to a EPM1 and never looked back. The EPM1 has just about the best jpeg DR in the market when the DR is set on Auto and the GF2 has just about the worst. Why is this? Who knows when both cameras have such similar sensors.

The DPR DR comparison bears this out 100% The EPM1 even has a better expanded jpeg DR than the OMD. If you plan to use the Samyang fisheye or any wide angle lens in daylight, that when lots of DR is very useful. For close ups and images in flat light, its not such an issue.

This is born out by

larrytusaz wrote:

Well, today, I purchased the E-PM1 kit from Cameta (through eBay) after having just purchased the GF3 body for $120 2 days ago. I loved my E-PL1, but it struggled with pictures of people to focus on the people & not the background, so I decided to update to newer technology. I kept the 14-42mm II MSC lens (which I got separately on its own to update from the original 14-42).

I will know more after I use them both, but I theorize I will prefer the E-PM1 because (a) I like Olympus' JPEG treatment (although I'm told the GF3 is way better than past Panasonics) (b) IBIS (c) hot shoe for a bubble level (I did buy a "gorilla pad" for the GF3 though, just in case). Then again the GF3 has the touch-screen AF/fire the shutter. People say they LOVE that, and they prefer its LCD (although the E-PM1 leaving the icons outside the image may be something I like). As cheap as I got the GF3 (red body for $120) I figured if I prefer the E-PM1 (as I think I will) I can let my wife use it, she's the perfect candidate (likes to take pictures of kids in full-auto mode & wouldn't want to goof with the E-PM1's clip-on flash--she's used a DSLR before but lately hasn't bothered).

Have any of you here used both models (GF3 & E-PM1), and can give any impressions about which you preferred & why? I won't use external flash, but I like the presence of the hot shoe so I can easily attach a hot-shoe spirit level to it (but again, I got a "gorilla plate" or whatever from B&H that lets you attach a spirit level via the tripod socket to the GF3).

At any rate, I have to say--Olympus & Panasonic really tapped into a need with the micro 4/3rds system. It is funny--I took my E-PL1 and the Nikon D5100, a very modern 16mp APS-C d-SLR with great technology, on a recent trip where I did a lot of landscape shooting, and I enjoyed the D5100--but I think I enjoyed the E-PL1 for landscapes more. It was so great how light it was, and frankly it was easier using it in some ways. In particular, as I used a bubble level to ensure level results, it was easier checking the spirit level when not having to also peep through a viewfinder, instead I just alternated glancing at the spirit level & the LCD for composition.

When I enlarged the images 16x20, they look great--frankly, if the D5100 images were better, I couldn't tell., at least with the shots I took. Most of all, I really enjoyed not having to mess around with post-processing, I actually made AdoramaPix enlargements from the completely unaltered Superfine-Large JPEGs.

Again, having not used the GF3 or E-PM1 I don't know, but I figure the GF3 will be what I give to my wife for "kiddy pics" & I use myself on occasion, and the E-PM1 will be what I use for what I used my E-PL1 for--but whatever, I'm looking forward to my journeys with them both.

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